Mad about Cucumber


I love to try and share  beauty recipes with my favorite natural ingredients that have proven to work wonders on the skin, the body and the soul. 

After spending a great weekend on my friend's country house in Upstate New York walking, cooking and relaxing in the woods I also found time for easy beauty treatments with a trusted green friend: Cucumber


It all started with a fabulous set of POND'S products that I received recently as a proud member of the POND's BEAUTY BRIGADE and took with me on the road to try!

Both have cucumber in their beauty formula and inspired me to turn my weekend into a beauty SPA.

So let me tell you first about them and then give you my favorite cucumber beauty and health recipes.

Products that work:

These two new and infallible products infused with cucumber and citrus extracts make my life easier and the task removing makeup every day or night a pleasant and relaxing experience.

POND'S Exfoliating Renewal Wet Cleansing Towelettes

I am a big fan of POND'S towelettes and always keep a pack in the drawer of my night table since I usually get home late after an event and don't have much energy to either jump into the shower or even wash my face.

This past weekend on the country side I also discovered that I can carry them in my back pack or purse all the time and can be used several times a day not only to freshen the skin after a workout or walk, wipe out the sweat, or clean our hands, arms and feet after playing with pets in the farm.

What makes them special are the exfoliating and  invigorating beads that gently polish away dull or dry skin while removing dirt and makeup.
I personally love the texture of the cloths and the delicious scent of citrus and cucumber. The skin is exfoliated, cleansed and refreshed in a couple of minutes  and feels moist and supple once it is dry. All traces of makeup are removed instantly as they hydrate the face like a leave-on moisturizer.

No wonder why Allure magazine chose them as one of their Best of Beauty Skin award winners.

The towelettes are tested by dermatologists, are hypoallergenic and safe to remove your eye makeup even if you have contact lenses.
They can be found in major drugstores and  supermarkets in the US for just $4.95.


POND'S Cucumber Cleanser

Now that I'm talking about removing eye make up effectively here is another beloved and classic product that helps to do the job while moisturizing and protecting the delicate eye area.

POND'S Cucumber Cleanser comes in a light and fresh alternative that also has cucumber as part of its formula.
I find it ideal to wipe off stubborn mascara, especially water proof versions!
Usually I rub a dime size amount gently around the eye area, wait a few seconds and use one of the towelettes to remove the makeup in one easy stroke.

You can also massage the cleanser  into the entire face while you are in the shower and rinse it off gently. I like to make the most out of the process by using a Clarisonic Brush. The Cleanser is Dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic and won't clog pores. The skin is instantly hydrated with a lightweight moisture!  It comes in the classic package that has been recognized for generations, and is so attractive that even Oliver, my friend's french bulldog could not resist... Lucky that we caught him on time before he started chewing off the container!
This true beauty classic can be found in major drugstores and  supermarkets in the US for $7.95.

Recipes that work

Now! Here are a few easy tips and tricks you can try at home with cucumber.

 I always keep cucumber in my kitchen cupboard or fridge for delicious salads, sandwiches and juices that help cleanse the digestive system, but very few women know that it is also a wonderful ally to whiten and brighten your skin...Now you see why two slices over your eyes diminish dark circles in a matter of minutes! But did you also know that the juice applied as a toner every day can help reduce acne marks and even stubborn freckles? This is all due to the high quantity of ascorbic acid that not only helps to treat inflammation but to clarify your skin.

Here are my special tips for the toner, a couple of facial masks and an anti-cellulite cocktail that works!

Skin toner:

I usually cut one cucumber in half and squeeze it to extract the juice and then dab it on the areas that I want to treat, sometimes even all over the entire face. It only takes 15 minutes for the juice to seep into your skin, I then wash it off with fresh or cold water.

You can add other ingredients to the toner like fresh lemon or lime juice, (but please don't go out in the sun if you do), aloe vera, green tea or coconut water (in equal parts). These last two ingredients are great to treat acne prone skins.

It is important to keep the toner in the refrigerator for a maximum of two days to obtain all the properties and benefits. Throw it out and make a new one if you haven't used it by then.

Face masks:

For a quick lift before a party or special event puree half a cucumber, without the seeds and mix it with two egg whites. Apply it for 20 minutes and rinse off with luke warm water.

You will immediately feel the skin tighten and your pores reduced! It is my favorite trick before a red carpet for a glowing and healthy complexion.

If you ever get a sunburn nothing works better that a cooling mask made with pureed cucumber and aloe vera crystals. I usually cool it by adding to the mix a couple of ice cubes before applying it. Make sure to rinse it off with cold water also and try not to rub the skin when you dry it, simply pat dry with a paper towel preferably.

Anti-Cellulite cocktail:

Some of the TV divas that I work with on Telemundos's morning show "Un Nuevo Dia" like Adamari Lopez and Rashel Diaz swear by this refreshing drink to liberate your body of toxins and help stimulate circulation.

I like to drink it 3 times a day starting a week before a special presentation.
It is made with fresh cucumber,  half a cup of lime or lemon juice, a little bit of honey or agave sweetener and a splash of cayenne pepper.

I put the entire cucumber in the blender with a tiny bit of water, mix it up and then use a collander to remove seeds and the pulp. After I obtain a clear liquid I pour it back onto the blender and add the rest of the ingredients.
It's great fresh drink and tastes best when served with lots of ice

Now that you know all about cucumber and its beauty benefits try out the recipes and products listed here to look and feel your best. Your beauty routine should be practical and fun. ENJOY it!

I am so happy to be part of the POND's Beauty Brigade and to share my expertise with all of you. Please stay tuned for more news and products.

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