My Beauty chat with Jordana Brewster & POND'S

A few days ago I had the wonderful chance to meet and tweet with the gorgeous new face of POND’S, Jordana Brewster.

She is absolutely stunning in person and I would say lovelier too! She was in New York City to host a live event with editors and a Twitter Q&A with her followers from all over the world to chat about her family beauty secrets, offer inspiring lifestyle tips and of course share how she uses POND’S products particularly Rejuveness to keep her skin glowing and red-carpet ready always!

We met at a beautiful hotel suite in Manhattan and she was joined by her mother Maria. An adorable and beautiful woman just like her daughter. At one glance you could see how beauty genes are passed down from one generation to another but also her intelligence, charm and love for life. I was so happy to see that Jordana has not only inherited her Mother's Beauty but also her charm and attitude towards life.

After a warm greeting we sat down with the POND'S team because days before we had started to receive hundreds of questions with the hashtag #askjordana and had to choose a few of the best ones so our star could reply to her many fans.
And so our Twitter chat began. I could not have been prouder to host it and to learn with these ladies excellent tips and tricks that I will  share with you in the next few lines.

Here are some of the best questions, answers and pictures to prove that YES! She was actually tweeting live and working hard to please her followers.

1. Kika: Jordana, congrats on being the new face of POND' S! Why do you love this classic beauty brand so much?  
Jordana: So many reasons! POND'S was one of my mother’s favorites, and now is one of mine.

2. Kika: How early in your childhood do you remember your Mom taking care of herself, her skin and her beauty?
Jordana: From as far as I can remember, my mom was super glamorous and taking care of herself and passed me down her beauty secret: POND'S Rejuveness Anti-Wrinkle Cream!

3. Kika: What is your beauty philosophy? 
Jordana: Beauty comes within  - it sounds like a cliché, but it's definitely true.

4. Kika: Besides using POND'S products to take care of your skin do you have other tricks? 
Jordana: I use daily SPF and hats whenever I can.

5. Kika: Any other mother to daughter secrets that you would like to pass on to your children some day? 
Jordana: Above everything else, character and strength, both are so important!

6. Kika: Your glow also comes from within. How do you achieve inner peace and happiness that transcends to the outside? 
Jordana: I meditate twice a day which really helps me!

7.  Kika: Both you and your mother seem very healthy and natural in your diet and excercise regimen. What's your fitness secret? 
Jordana: I work out with Harley Pasternak and love interval training. It's fun!

8. Kika: What other beauty tricks can you share with us? 
Jordana: Sleep with more than one pillow to stay elevated and avoid puffiness under the eyes!

9. Kika: What’s your day-to-day beauty look? 
Jordana: I like to keep it simple! Just a little POND' S Rejuveness and cream blush.

10. Kika: What is the best motherhood advice that your mother has given you and your sister?
Jordana: Be as present as possible - she was the best mom and led by example.

11. Kika: What do you like the most about yourself? 
Jordana: I am a very loyal friend!

From simple and practical beauty tricks to inner wisdom and a lesson on how to keep life balanced and stable the hour flew by... We got to many followers and yet Jordana was so sweet to promise she would get back later to many of those who wanted to know more and more about this rising star.

There were lots of prize winners that day! Those who sent the best questions got to try POND'S products and had the joy of chatting live with their icon.

I feel we got excellent advice and can't wait to try all the tips she gave. Starting of course by taking care of my skin with POND'S Rejuveness since she admits it visibly reduces wrinkles and you can start noticing results in 2 weeks. We are always concerned about this problem at every age so nothing better than to have a great alternative like this one. Jordana even mentioned that she uses POND'S Rejuveness around the eye area to visibly reduce fine lines! 

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Visit POND'S website and follow them on Twitter and Instagram @PONDS for excellent information and tips about their products.

I hope to meet Jordana again soon but in the mean time I will always wish her all the success and luck she works so hard for every day.
She is one of my beauty icons inside and out!