Valentine’s Day Fragrances By Personality Types

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for women to show the men in their lives just how well they know them. And while gifting them with a fragrance is a popular choice, picking the right one can be a daunting task.

Here some fashionable recommendations and tips to help you find the fragrance that will fit the personality of your man:

Personality Types

Calvin Klein Eternity Intense: Just like the real-life couple in the ad campaign — supermodel Christy Turlington Burns (a Latina!) and her husband, Ed Burns — this scent smolders with love and commitment. The key note is sensual orris, the rare root of the sweet iris flower that takes years to mature. Just like eternal love. Key notes: Orris and bargamot

The Outdoorsman.png

Davidoff Cool Water: For that guy who craves the outdoors, this classic scent will be irresistible. The sharp and crisp peppermint notes evoke fresh air, while the lavender gives the scent an appealing freshness. Better yet: Cool Water has partnered with the National Geographic Society to help protect the world’s oceans. Key notes: Peppermint and lavender.

Hugo Boss The Scent For Him: Those guys with the highest standards in work and life will gravitate towards a rich, luxurious fragrance. Hugo Boss, with its heavy, glass jar and heady notes (like Maninka fruit, an aphrodisiac from Africa, and burnished leather), is that fragrance. Key notes: Maninka fruit and leather

Gucci Guilty Pour Homme: Bold trendsetters need an equally stylish fragrance in their repertoire. The metal and glass of the Gucci Guilty flacon is a work of art, while the juice is equally forward and complex. Floral notes of orange blossom and lilac flower lend a surprising touch, and the lemon and patchouli are both invigorating and seductive. Key notes: Lilac flower and amber.

o Applying before lotion (lotion blocks pores and inhibits efficacy)

o Pulse points generate heat; help amplify the fragrance: wrists, behind ears, inside elbows/knees

o For a subtle application, apply the fragrance behind the knees or down the back, so the scent follows behind him or spraying and walking into it a fragrance “cloud”

Pricing & Where To Buy 

At the store or

o BOSS The Scent Price Range:

▪ 50ML-100ML($68-$85) 

o GUCCI Guilty Price Range:

▪ EDT 50ML-150 ml ($69-$116)

o Calvin Klein Eternity Intense

▪ EDP 1.0oz – 3.4oz ($44 - $85)

o Davidoff Cool Water Price Range

▪ EDT 1.35oz-6.7fl oz ($35-$76)

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