The Great Gatsby Inspired Shoot by Joey Oso

Beauty Breakdown:

For the female models looks I wanted to loosely incorporate some popular shapes from the 1920's.

Brows: The elongated brow is mostly done with fine brow pencils by Anastasia. 

Eyes: The down-turned eye makeup look was done by using brown cream shadows and pencils in different intensities until it built up enough until I achieved the depth I was looking for.

Skin: The skin was kept pale using Armani Silk foundation that was a half shade lighter than the models skin.

Lips: I kept one models lips pale and natural and the other a darker stain in a bee stung shape by dabbing a dark lipstick in the center of the mouth, blotting and then reapplying.


For the model Dominyka:

-I sprayed L'Oreal Professionnel's Densite all around the hair and some water,

-I rough blow dryed the hair with my fingers rubbing the hairs to give texture.

-Then I set the hair using a curling iron, 1inch, its a kind of a intricate way of using the curling iron, the iron is held horizonally, I take 1inch section of hair and the hair is placed in the curling iron and I move the hair into the curling iron  eventually making an S wave into that 1inch section of hair.

-The hair is then left alone and the next section is repeated,

-I then spray all the finished sections with L'Oreal Paris Elnett Strong Hold..

-After 20mins of cooling, i shake up the hair and the section will fall into a finger wave S pattern..

For Model Kaitlyn's Hair,

-I take 1 inch height by 3inch width sections and spray each section with  L'Oreal Paris Elnett Strong Hold,

-I use a 1inch curling iron.. I start from the top of her head and curl that first row foward then pin,

-Then the next row(next to the previous row) I curl the hair going back then pin and just do the next row the opposite of what I did in the previous row. continue that all around the head.

-I let cool 20minutes, remove pins and comb thru gently with a wide tooth comb and the point of a rat tail comb and/or duck bill clip..

-No other products are used as each opposite hair sections helps spring the whole hairstyle up to make it look fuller..

For Model Conr's Hair I used a quarter size of L'Oreal Professionnel Architexture and ran it thru his hair with my fingers.

Touch ups were done to hair during shoot with bobbi pins which turned both female Model's longer hair into a bob like hairstyle,

-Light hairspray and water spray was used for fly aways

* * *

The Shoot concept came to me in Janurary, The actual shoot date was back in April 10, 2012

All Model Sizes were given to me by The Modeling Agency and I searched far and wide for 1920's Attire.

I had to reserve a home base, which was done near central park in a condo overlooking the park, where a friend of mine who works as a doorman in that condo, helped me secure that location. The Photo shoot and video were all done at the bethesda Terrace in Central Park..

The Shoot started at 9am and ended at 5pm with breaks in between to head back to home base to change the attire

The Models were so funny, we had a blast thru out the shoot with them, The weather was blue skies all day and warm. I Hand picked these models, based off a 1920's image, concept I had in my mind.. I already had it in my mind how the shoot will be done, the story of a love triangle and the personality I needed from the models. So based off that, I search thru the Modeling Agency's selection of models on their website, I found one model who had a more innocent look which was Kaitlyn and the other model who had a more Domineering Aura, which was Dominyka...The modeling agency, Major Model Management was so helpful and friendly with me thru out this process.

The Editing process, Me and Anthony Tudisco worked Tirelessly to create the video concept I had in my head and he added a ton of his knowledge to the video. Im perfectly happy with how the final version of the video came out.. I also want to thank the rest of my crew that day, cause they helped brainstorm many ideas that made the photos and the video more amazing than I imagined.