Mom's great gifts

Mother's Day is coming soon and in these past few weeks a special campaign I am working on with Suavitel has given me the chance to pay tribute to my Mom for everything she has done throughout my upbringing as a proud Latina in the US.

There are infinite traits and details that Mom has given me that make me who I am today. It is not just about character and style but also the most basic things that get to my soul and always bring me back home: a special recipe, a way to wear a scarf, an expression, a gesture or even a delicious smell.

I am planning to write her a letter to thank her for her teachings pointing out the most important gifts that are present every day in my life.


1. Mom taught me how to be strong, independent and have good character. She learnt in form My Grandmother too!

2. She taught me to be tender and to express my love to my children, family and friends with details like a special note to wish me well I would find in my school notebooks, my special treats and baked cookies to cheer me up, the smell of my school uniform clothes, a simple smile or a hug when most needed.

3. She taught me to be a great role model and an example as a courageous hard working woman to ensure that my family has the best opportunity at a great life in his country. I feel proud of my work accomplishments today and know her example set a high standard I simply wanted to follow.

4. Mom was and still is a classy and stylish lady, her demeanor, manners and how she carries herself are a constant inspiration. I did not have to look very far to gain wisdom from her and imitate her as a sincere form of flattery! My life and career have benefited from her example and I honestly could not be more greatful.

Now that you have seen my list of reasons I hope I can inspire you to say thank you to your Mom in your own way!


Passing the example to your own children is a good way to do it also. I know my daughter Victoria sees grandma reflected in a lot of things I do and Suavitel is still here making sure her clothes smell as good as mine did.

Suavitel products are found in supermarkets across the Nation. Suavitel Field Flowers regimen which includes Fabric Conditioner, Sheets, & Scent Boosters are part of my laundry routine and one mom's best tricks I use with my family to make them feel my dedication and love. 

The biggest acts of love are found in the smallest details!

I hope you find your way and share with your Mother and the important women in your life a wonderful Mother's Day.