What's in my bag?

As a member of the POND’S Beauty Brigade I was asked this month to share with you what I carry in my bag... but before I reveal my beauty secrets let me tell you why it is so important to choose the right one and how to turn it into a statement!



As a fashion lover and expert when it comes to wise investments my best advice to any woman is: Make sure you get a beautiful BLACK handbag, she will become your best friend and will keep you company for years and years to come!

Black bags are so versatile and handy that they can adjust to your everyday look and still be appropriate both for work or for a casual event. That is why you have to choose a great style that will remain valid and always trendy, but it also has to have lots of pockets and compartments so you can carry all you need!

boots n bags kika rocha kika bag

I've been so obsessed with finding the perfect black bag that I was asked by Boots and Bags a famous Colombian design company to create for them my very own version of a fabulous purse! It is now called the "KIKA Bag" and has been sold in their stores with tremendous success! Here are some pictures shot in New York so you can see how lovely it turned out!

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And now that you know I have the perfect black handbag I can tell you what I carry in it to feel beautiful and look my best all day long.

It is important for me to feel fresh and to have a useful tools to be clean and neat, to make sure my make up stays in place, my hands are clean and I am prepared for anything!

The first MUST have in my purse are POND'S ORIGINAL FRESH Wet Cleansing Towelettes. They come in a neat and light package and I can always turn to them at any time during the day to fix my makeup, clean my hands after eating or even remove all my makeup before a special event so I can reapply it and look perfect!

I personally love the texture of the wipes and their delicious clean scent. My skin is exfoliated and refreshed in a couple of minutes PLUS feels moist and supple once it is dry. All traces of makeup are removed instantly as they hydrate the face like a leave-on moisturizer.

The towelettes are tested by dermatologists, are hypoallergenic and safe, and can be found in major drugstores and supermarkets for only $4.95


Besides my POND'S Towelettes you will always find a travel size moisturizer preferably with SPF to reapply whenever my skin feel dry.

My favorite fragrance is in there too! I love the clean and citrus smell of Aqua de Parma cologne or Jo Malone grapefruit cologne. I apply it at least three times a day to freshen up.

I also carry a mini jar of Vaseline to keep my dry skin soft and also to help heal dry cuticles or lips.

I can't stand messy or crazy hair! So I carry a soft medium size brush. Mason Pearson the English brand has an ideal one that helps me to stay in control...Add to that black or brown elastic rbands for emergency pony tails and a few bobby pins for a quick updo!

After I clean my hands with either the towelettes or wash them in the sink I like to top it off with hand sanitizer, to keep germs at bay! I carry a small size container and always reapply during the day.

Lips are my other concern! I will make sure it looks perfect during the day so I must make sure that in my bag there is always a set of lipsticks and lipgloss in pink and berry shades to paint my pout and smile along.

Black mascara and an eyebrow palette in earth tones are my eye essentials and I make sure they are always in my makeup bag too, along with a creamy cheek blush in pink or coral.

I also keep eye drops, preferably natural tears to moisten my eyes! They get very dry after long hours in front of the computer!

Last but not least I can't live without gum though I try not to chew in public and never in meetings, mints and a bottle of water to stay hydrated and to always have clean breath!

Now that I told you my secrets I'd love to hear yours!

Please write to me on Twitter @kikarochamoda or to my blog to tell me what you carry in your purse everyday so I can share it with friends from the POND'S Beauty Brigade! Please stay tuned for more news and products to look and feel great all these months.

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