A perfect Match!!

Did you ever dream of dancing and performing at Radio City Music Hall in New York like one of the legendary Rockettes?

I did when I was a young girl in Colombia and always admired how they looked so perfectly made up and glamorous on stage as they kicked and danced during the entire performance.

It is a job that requires a lot of practice and discipline to stay fit, be in perfect coordination with your partners and above all to stay beautiful with glowing skin and a candid smile even when you are not performing! 

I never thought I'd get a chance to meet these lovely role models but thanks to POND'S the classic beauty brand and its Holiday partnership with the Rockettes, I was able to chat with them and discover their effective skincare and beauty routine so I can encourage you TODAY to enter for a chance to go like me behind the curtains at Radio City Music Hall this December and live the magic yourselves!!!

Watch this video of the Rockettes in action and keep reading to see how you can enter for a chance to win:

Amongst the fabulous things I learnt backstage from these energetic and charming ladies is that each one is actually responsible for her own hair and makeup prior to each show.

The perfect faux lashes the red glowing lips and rosy cheeks, long-wear foundation and waterproof mascara...imagine putting it on day after day and making it last for up to five performances under bright lights and heat!

Then comes the task of removing it softly and safely while nurturing their skin. This is where POND'S Cold Cleanser Cream and Original Fresh Wet Cleansing Towelettes do the trick.

Rockette Sierra Ring trusts her skin to POND’S Cold Cream Cleanser:  "After my very first dance recital I have been using it ever since to keep my skin looking its best." And when it comes to getting rid of false lashes and deep red lipstick she relies on a convenient tool like POND’S Original Fresh Wet Cleansing Towelettes. "These make it simple to quickly remove my stage makeup and get back to my fresh-faced self.”

So after the final curtain lowers and every last trace of makeup and dirt is removed these true stars, the Rockettes have glowing and instantly moisturized skin ready for another's day routine. 

If their skin after such an intense daily routine passes the test so can yours if you rely on the quality and marvelous ingredients of POND'S cleansing products.

POND’S is a natural choice for prepping skin and removing makeup after any of life’s many performances – whether it’s an extraordinary Rockettes show, a job interview, a holiday soirée or a normal day at home with your kids.

Now for the fabulous chance that POND'S is giving you to see the Rockettes perform and meet them backstage all you have to do is click on this link and follow instructions for the sweepstake: http://bit.ly/1nANzK0


Please join me on Monday November 3rd at 11 am ET  as the Rockettes takeover POND'S Twitter account! They will be answering ALL your questions with the hashtag #PONDSPerforms


Let the Holiday magic begin!

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