Pearls of light


When I opened my latest package from Artistry and discovered the new GALAXY Collection I immediately thought of luxurious pearls and the special light they bring to your complexion.

Here is the step by step of my glamorous look achieved with these gorgeous products that inspired me to wear my favorite pearl necklace for a special luncheon in Manhattan

artistry_77 (1).jpg

1. I started by nourishing and perfecting my skin with my very own special trick: I mix a few drops of Youth Xtend Serum Concentrate to my Lifting Smoothing Foundation in Sand. This little secret helps your makeup to stay in place for hours and gives your complexion a special glow. Don't forget that this amazing foundation also takes care of lines and wrinkles and makes the skin look years younger!


2. To enhance my eyes with the Galaxy Eye Shadow Quad a beautiful palette with beige, brown and deep purple, I used a medium eye shadow brush and started by applying the light beige shadow all over the lids. Then I dabbed the brush in the purple tone and brown tones and applied it to the outer corner of the lids before blending really well.


I also used a black pencil to trace the lower lashes and soften the look.  I saved  the liquid eyeliner exclusively for the upper lashes. I love Artistry's Signature Eyes Automatic Liquid Eyeliner because its fine tip helps to create a perfect cat eye!


 One coat of Signature Eyes Volume Mascara was enough to thicken and separate my lashes before completing my look with the new Platinum Highlight Eyeliner which gives a special glow by reflecting light and making your eyes look bigger and brighter!


3. Since my eyes had a dramatic look I decided to try a soft color on my lips. I traced them with a natural lip liner and then applied the creamy  Dual Ended Lipgloss that brings two amazing tones: Bright Fiery Red and  Gold Kissed Pink. I carry it in my purse all the time and switch shades depending on my mood. My lips always look soft, plump and very natural!


4. For the cheeks I applied another favorite from the Galaxy collection the Aurora Illuminating Powder that gives your skin an enchanting glow. I used an angled blush brush to apply the darker shade to the lower cheek bones and the rosy shade to the apples. I am completely in love with this product!


5. I set my makeup with a little translucent powder, chose to wear a silk ivory blouse and of course my beloved pearls! These have been a secret beauty weapon  of the most stylish women in history  like Marie Antoinette and my star designer Coco Chanel. Nothing better to highlight your look than beautiful makeup and these treasures from the bottom of the sea!

Here's the link to discover more about the new  GALAXY makeup collection by Artistry,  a fancy alternative to shine like a star during the Holiday season

To get the products visit or contact a sales representative from Artistry who will be delighted to give you more fabulous tips and information.
And last but not least a few of my  famous #tipsdekika to keep your pearls shiny and new:
To protect them from light and humidity store them in a velvet pouch with a few rice grains. Don't ever apply perfume while you're wearing them! Alcohol will kill them.
Spoil them every now and them with a quick soak in water mixed with sea salt to restore their lustrous glow.

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