New Year, New Beauty: Energize your skin care routine

During these first weeks of 2014, I'm certain that most of you are beginning to implement your New Year's resolutions to feel better and look more beautiful. But have you asked yourselves how effective are all those creams and lotions that you store in your bathroom cabinets? And if I may dare to inquire: How long have you had them for? And how often do you use them?

I admire the dedication that Latin women possess when it comes to taking care of themselves and the faith we put in our beauty products. We are avid users of all kinds of beauty products that help us look and feel beautiful when we step into the world. But do we know how they work and what they are made of?

Let me answer all these questions one by one! Here are some helpful tips to clearing out your beauty graveyard products to make room for those must-have beauty products which will energize your beauty and make you look a decade younger. 

Love it now and not later:

Let's be honest. When a woman loves a beauty product two things may happen: She uses a tiny amount to make it last or she adopts it as a vital part of her daily routine and has to get a new refill in less than 3 months. It’s important to regularly check the dates you purchased your beauty products and throw away anything that’s expired. Anything more than a year old should be disposed of because after that time period, products may no longer work as well as they did when you first bought them. So it’s a good incentive to use all your products consistently to minimize products from going to waste.

Less is More:

Get started on energizing your beauty routine by tossing away all those forgotten creams that you either stopped using or never even bothered to try! You will not only have a neat and glamorous beauty cabinet, but you will allow yourself to be open for new effective alternatives that will help your skin stay radiant and energized.

I follow a simple rule when it comes to fashion and beauty:  "Less is more" and it is precisely why I want to talk to you about the new, energized Olay Regenerist line.  I already cleared out my beauty graveyard and that is why today I want to recommend some wonderful alternatives. Specifically, two revolutionary products from Olay's Regenerist line that have delighted me with their versatility, texture and quick results which help me look 10 years younger: The Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Serum and the Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Eye Cream & Lash Serum Duo.

 Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream

Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream

Before I tell you more about them I want to share an interesting chat I had with a team of Olay experts. I found out that in a recent Facebook poll, 23MM women give up on anti-aging skin care products after just a few weeks because they don't see results fast enough. This research encouraged P&G Beauty scientists to try a game-changing new approach to fighting the signs of time. Ready? It turns out that your skin isn’t old, it’s just tired!

The scientists determined that skin-cell energy production declines as a woman ages and that tired skin is less able to respond to skin care ingredients or combat the external, environmental damage that accumulates over time. Therefore they were able to develop a new formula that includes the exact cocktail of ingredients that CAN re-invigorate these tired cells.

Olay created an exclusive “Skin Energizing Technology” and added it to the award- winning Regenerist formula. It is packed with new ingredients designed to increase skin energy and boost its responsiveness. The new Regenerist line delivers product benefits up to two times faster than the original formula so your skin acts up to 10 years younger.

Now let me give you some highlights about my two favorites from the Olay Regenerist line:

1. Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Serum Micro-Sculpting Serum

I always talk about the importance of NOURISHING the skin before hydrating it and therefore you MUST incorporate a serum to your skin care routine. Apply it twice a day over cleansed skin and before your moisturizer so that it’s special ingredients penetrate to the deeper layers and help to tighten your skin.

The new Micro-Sculpting Serum is clinically proven to help firm skin’s appearance across three key zones – the face, neck, and décolletage due to the formula's Advanced Amino Peptide Complex with Skin Energizing Technology that helps to accelerate skin’s responsiveness to anti-aging ingredients. The skin feels fresh, plump and tight in a matter of five days. Another feature I love is its convenient pump. There is no waste and the product stays always fresh and proper.

2. Micro-Sculpting Eye Cream & Lash Duo

 Micro-Sculpting Eye Cream & Lash Duo

Micro-Sculpting Eye Cream & Lash Duo

Eyes are not only windows to your soul, this area is an actual traitor that reveals how "tired" your skin really is. It is never too late to fight back and the sooner we do so the better.

Olay scientists managed to create the first eye cream and lash serum product with a dual applicator that provides a 360 ̊ eye care solution treating lids, lines and lashes for a total eye transformation. This easy-to-use applicator and hydrating formulas offer three benefits in one: visibly softer-looking lines, firmer eyes and coats to thicken lashes for younger-looking eyes in just one week! This little tube has been a life changer for me and one of my star products of the year.

Aren't you dying to try them and start 2014 with a fresh and simpler skin care regime?

On Friday January 24th, I will be giving away a basket full of products from Olay Regenerist! All you have to do to participate in this raffle is send me an email to the address that appears on the "Consúltame" section of this blog including your information and specifying "REGENERIST GIVEAWAY". The lucky winner will receive an email on Friday with the good news.

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Using the hashtag #EnergizaTuBelleza, send me a tweet @KikaRochaModa and tell me your secret tips to keeping an energized beauty routine and what you do to look and feel a decade younger.

Welcome 2014 with an energetic and effective beauty resolution!


Disclosure: I am being compensated for this partnership with Olay Regenerist However, all opinions are my own. I have tried the products and I fully recommend them.

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