This colorful plant is perhaps our best ally to treat internal and external inflammations in a natural way with great results.
With an infusion of marigold leaves and flowers we can combat dark circles under the eyes and give the skin smoothness and youth.
Apply hot compresses to your clean face with a towel three consecutive times. After removing the last one, cool this same preparation with ice cubes and repeat the process five times. Your skin will be tight and smooth eliminating all signs of fatigue, stress And puffiness.

For internal inflammation, prepare this tea using less flowers and more leaves, and drink it hot several times a day.
Use it directly on open wounds as an ointment to promote fast healing. You can also find marigold cream to treat bruises and swellings on any part of your body.
(IMPORTANT: To prepare the infusion pour boiling water over the flowers and leaves and let it brew for a few minutes)

Look for marigold fresh plants and ointments  in a NATURAL FOOD stores such as Whole Foods or Trader Joe's.


 *Special recipes by my aunts Cookie and Clemencia.