Proud to be a LATINA! The DREAM consumer

In September and October we celebrate our Hispanic heritage,  our traditions and our power to shape the future of the  United States!

Our population is growing and so is our influence in this nation, we simply have to be more and more aware of who we are and what we represent. We must make smart choices to lead a better life.

As a magazine editor for 12 years at People Español and now a blogger and TV presenter in a field as wide and important as that of beauty and fashion I know a thing or two about our enormous importance in the market, about our desire to look good, to dress smart and chic and to always carry the latest trends: We are the dream consumer!!!

We are indeed the dream consumer and we are more and more attractive day after day to both fashion and beauty brands out there who want to conquer us with new products, new wardrobe alternatives and items to make us look prettier.

One thing is true: the prettier we feel the more powerful we act and become! But that doesn't mean we can't be smart about it too!

So listen up to a few facts about our population that will make us feel proud and a few tips and tricks when it is time to go shopping and investing wisely!!


Latinos are fueling the growth of America’s middle class while maintaining a bicultural lifestyle and working hard to achieve the American Dream.

Upscale latinos, defined as households earning $50K-$100K in annual income, are the most influential segment since the baby boomers and provide lifetime value and upside opportunities for many high-end and luxury brands at present and in the decades to come.

In 2012, the 15 million upscale Latinos in the U.S. accounted for 29 percent of the country’s Hispanic population—that figure is expected to double by 2050.

Upscale Latinos are younger than upscale non-Hispanic Whites (33 years old compared with 39 years old) and they live active lifestyles, often with young families. In fact, 85 percent of upscale Hispanics have a household size of three or more, compared with 65 percent of upscale non-Hispanics.

They are mostly concentrated in urban areas such as Los Angeles, New York, Houston and Miami, although they show significant representation in secondary markets such as Honolulu and Washington, D.C. and Oklahoma City.

A force behind new businesses with higher educational and professional attainment, upscale Latinos are technologically savvy and are often viewed as trendsetters among their peers. They’re more likely to use smartphones, own iPads and subscribe to one of the top four U.S. mobile providers.

And in terms of beauty and fashion Upscale Latinos have the disposable income to pamper their image, to look good and they outspend upscale non-Hispanic Whites and Hispanics overall on health and beauty products. Men’s toiletries, women’s fragrances, hair care and cosmetics dominate in the health and beauty aisle, and upscale Latinos favor brand choices.

Latinas greatly over-index with Women’s fragrance products than their non-Hispanic counterparts.

So now that we know who we are and how much we are willing to spend here are just a few smart tips to consider before heading out the door to shop for fashion and beauty!!

(Data Source: NIELSEN)


A. Smart shopping tips:

1. It doesn't take a fortune to be fabulous. Spending more doesn't mean you get more. Invest in good and classic accesories like shoes and purses or jewelry and choose less expensive options for the trends of the season. As the word says it they come and go fast!

2. You have to appreciate style, not just consume it. Classic pieces are timeless investments! Know the brands when buying a fancy black or brown leather handbag, chic stilettos and pumps, a great watch, or lovely earrings like a pair of diamond studs (real or faux) that will show you are trendy and smart when it comes to your image.

If you have the money to spend, make it a splurge. Nothing shows off more than your accesories!

3. Shopping for quality and shopping for what you love is always a tough call. Put the price aside for a second  and think how much you love it. Ask yourself if you have anything that already serves the same purpose and how long you will treasure it!
Ask yourself if wearing it will make your happier. If the answer is no, it's probably not worth it.

4. Think color

There is always a shade that defines each season! For this Fall it is all about military green and charcoal grey. Think of them as the new black. Color is the quickest way to look trendy so invest in a garment or accessory and go with the flow.

Another smart strategy that never fails in a working woman's wardrobe is to invest in “NEUTRAL COLORS,” these allow us to wear the same clothes more often unnoticed and find a way of mixing and matching to always renew our look.
Neutral colors include black, white, beige, ivory, taupe, and gray.

5. Be careful with Prints

Select less-to-no prints unless you want a very specific item or accessory. Prints are quite distinct and visible, it’s harder to mix and match them so my advice is to choose accessories rather than garments. Think for example of animal prints! A scarf, shoes or purse are easier to match to neutral shades and you can wear them more often.

6. Active wear

When it comes to work out clothing check always for sales and promotions. Exercise clothing rarely goes out of fashion. And you can get a great deal jackets, leggings or sports bras. For typical gym and yoga exercisers, cheap T-shirts and tank tops are the best bet but you might want to spend more on support bras.

B. Savy Beauty tips:

To make your potions last longer!

Latinas spend their money on fancy creams because they believe in their ingredients. As in fashion the saying less is more is just as valid when it comes to beauty!

Practice portion control in your beauty regime. If you're treating a skin condition — acne, age spots, hyper-pigmentation, wrinkles, sun damage, whatever — you're probably paying more, no matter what.

For spot treatments, don't treat your whole face. If you're targeting acne, treat acne areas. Dab, don't slather. If you're treating wrinkles or hyper-pigmentation, same thing. Put a few dots where you need it, then finish by lightly brushing the excess over the surrounding parts of your cheek or forehead or neck.

The only product you want to slather on face and neck liberally is sunscreen. Don't skimp here; protect your skin now, and it will save you a fortune on specialty corrective potions later. If you are missing this step, especially as you age, you're wasting money on serums and moisturizer.

(Data Source: NIELSEN)

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