Hair therapy!

Every two or three weeks I use henna to cover a few greys and nourish my hair. It coats the hair shaft with color, smooths and seals the cuticle for greater shine. It is 100% organic and chemical free!

I'm always looking for new alternatives and products with natural ingredients to mix and apply henna, so this time I decided to try Neutrogena's new line Triple Moisture that includes a shampoo, a conditioner, a leave in treatment and a deep hydrating mask. They have all been created to soften and treat dull and over processed hair.

Neutrogena henna preparation.jpg

To mix the henna I use a plastic bowl and a wooden or plastic spatula. I start by adding four or five table spoons of dry henna powder (red is my shade), a cup of boiling coffee to deepen the intensity of my chestnut hair, two table spoons of honey and half a cup of conditioner, in this case Triple Moisture by Neutrogena.


Watch this demo to see how I blend all the ingredients to form a creamy paste. If it needs more liquid add coffee or boiling water!

When I began reading about the star ingredients that are included in the Triple Moisture line I was happy to discover three powerful allies and that's why I could not wait to try it:
Olive oil that penetrates straight to the center of the hair shaft to nourish it; meadow foam seed extract to help moisturize the middle layers and sweet almond oil to wrap the surface of the hair and give extra shine.

  • Before putting the henna on your hair and scalp make sure it is clean so the color penetrates easily. Here's another brief video of how I apply it.


  • Don't forget to leave it on for 40 minutes and to cover your head with a plastic cap so the heat intensifies the moisturizing benefits of the mixture.


  • There are different tricks and ingredients that you can add to henna to achieve a deeper color or shine:
  1. Hot black coffee to deepen dark hair tones.
  2. Hot Ceylon tea to deepen red shades and honey colored highlights.
  3. Apple cider vinegar to make the color last longer and cover greys.
    (Two table spoons)
  4. Lemon juice (two tea spoons) or chamomile tea to lighten and add  shine to blonde hair and golden highlights.

For deeper hydration add to the mix one egg and to table spoons of plain yogurt.

After 40 minutes rinse the hair with warm water and wash it with shampoo to remove any residues of the mix. Apply conditioner to the ends and proceed to style as desired.

All the new products of the Triple Moisture Line proved to be fabulous! My hair is shiny and beautiful as you can see in the pictures.
You can find them at drugstores and supermarkets nation wide and

The henna brand I used this time is called Rainbow Henna. It comes in 14 shades and you can get it at Wholefoods or by calling  1-800- 722-9595.

Try these new products at home and experience the benefits of natural ingredients for amazing hair!

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