Garnier Clean+ Amazing skin for the whole family

I love to try new products and share them with the women in my family that mean the world to me!

A few weeks ago I received the entire line of Garnier Clean + Cleansers which include different options for each skin type and since I was spending the weekend with my  aunt Clemencia, my cousin Juanita and my niece Amalia we all decided to try one of each and test the results


Young and fresh

Amalia a beautiful teenager with combination skin immediately grabed the Balancing Exfoliator and the Purifying Foam Cleanser with Grapefruit and Pomegranate Extract. Both are oil free formulas that deeply cleanse the T-zone but also soften dry areas.
"I love the fresh scent and my skin feels so clean and hydrated" said Amalia after just a couple of days of washing her face day and night with the Cleanser.

My advice to her was to use the Exfoliator every other day and so far she is thrilled with the results. It is a safe alternative for acne prone skin and is allergy tested.  Both products cost $7.99 each and can be found in mass retails outlets and drugstores.

Natural Beauty

My cousin Juanita, 38, who wears minimal makeup every day but loves tinted moisturizers, a touch of blush and a little lipgloss is obsessed with keeping her skin healthy and revitalized.
She has normal skin so we decided to try the invigorating Daily Scrub that has ingredients like Peppermint and Jojoba. "This product comes as a refreshing gel and when I use it every morning in the shower my skin feels polished and looks radiant".

I personally love this soft scrub because it is not aggressive or harsh and is ideal for women over 30 since it helps to stimulate collagen production and can be used daily.
It costs $7.99 and is also available nationwide in drugstores and mass market retail stores.

Confident and radiant

My aunt Clemencia is a lovely 73 year old woman. She loves to look prim and proper all the time ! Her skin is a little dry and she has always used natural oils to remove her makeup. When I told her about the Nourishing Cleansing Oil enriched with natural Johoba and Macadamia oils she decided to to try it right away.
"It is a magical product with a milky texture that when mixed with a little water dissolves makeup and leaves skin velvety soft".
After 3 days she told me her skin felt softer, supple and hydrated.
She also tried the Cream Cleanser in the morning and was amazed with the results. Dermatologists say that skin becomes 91% softer after just one use!
Both products cost $7.99 and again can be found nationwide in mass retail stores and drugstores.

Don't they look beautiful? Three generations of amazing women that light up my life and help me spread the word about new and life changing products like the Garnier Clean +.

Don't be afraid to try them there is a special formula for every skin type.

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