Turning back TIME!!

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I love challlenges! Especially when it comes to aging...let's be honest women are obsessed with looking younger and healthier every day without the need for plastic surgery or drastic procedures! Me too!!

That is why I accepted to treat my skin for the next 28 days with Erno Laszlo's Transphuse Rapid Renewal Cell Protocol.

It is a new SERUM that has been designed to energize the skin's innate renewal mechanism so your cells can look YOUNGER!

It has a bio-complex formula that accelerates healthy cell turnover thanks to 3 amazing components:

1.Age Toxin Inhibitor: Biocellessence that fights a toxin our body produces called progerin. Lines are smoothed and skin looks plump and refreshed.

2.Stem Cell Activator: Rapidgen a cell extract that improves skin's elasticity and defenses against free radicals

3. Bio-Mimetic Protector: Hydra Skin Complex that creates a protective barrier that holds moisture and blocks trans-dermal water loss.

erno lazlo products kika rocha-.jpg

Why does the renewal process take 28 days?

Because every week an important phase takes place in the skin. The first week takes care of deep hydration, the second week is all about elasticity restoration, the third week about contouring and refinement. By the fourth week the aging toxin Progerin is suppressed  and new skin is born!!

I must use one ampule every week, morning and night for the next 28 days and will be telling you all about my progress on all my social media channels.
I must also tell you that my challenge started at the very heart of Erno Laszlo's THE INSTITUTE in SOHO with an amazing facial in the hands of Eliana Restrepo, an esthetician with magical hands that left my skin glowing.

Here's a short video while I was having the treatment and then all the steps to my luxurious facial!

Rapid Renewal Cell Protocol Facial

1.     Erno Laszlo Signature Cleansing Ritual
Use Phelity Pre-Cleansing Oil and Phelity Cleansing Gel

2.     Diamond Microdermabrasion
To improve the absorption and effectiveness of the Transphuse Rapid Renewal Cell Protocol and to exfoliate surface use fine head for this step.

3.     Resculpting and Recontouring Massage 10 min
Applied Transphuse Rapid Renewal Cell Protocol with Transphuse Day Serum on the face and massage.

4.     Restorative Light Therapy 7 min with Bioptron Light Treatment

5.     Application of Transphuse Rapid Renewal Cell Protocol layered with Transphuse Age-Defying Mask and Transphuse Eye Refiner and penetrated with BT Micro.

6.     Application of Erno Laszlo Anti-Wrinkle SuperSerum

7.     Application of Transphuse Line Refining Cream and a little oil control Lotion just for an added SPF.

erno lazlo products kika rocha.jpg

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