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One month has gone since I took the Erno Laszlo challenge and began treating my skin with the  Transphuse Rapid Renewal Cell Protocol system.

As you will see with pictures I took during the past four weeks my skin truly evolved and became clearer and brighter.

I started with breakouts as my main concern and a few dark spots and fine lines but day after day I began to notice that this new SERUM that has been designed to energize the skin's innate renewal mechanism so your cells can look younger really works.


Week 1:

The first week was all about deep hydration. I began using the fist ampoule morning and night to speed the healthy cell turnover that is accelerated by its bio-complex formula, particularly by an EXCLUSIVE Age Toxin Inhibitor called Biocellessence that fights PROGERIN a toxin toxin our body produces and I had mentioned in my first post.  Lines are smoothed and skin looks plump and refreshed and slowly breakouts calm and start to heal.
As you will see in this picture I was in New York when I began the treatment and was still trying to cover a few breakouts around the chin area. No concealer can do the perfect trick...it is healthy skin that needs to resurface and I felt on the right track.


Week 2:

erno lazslo week 3.jpg

During the second week I began to notice that the texture and elasticity of my skin was improving! With the second ampoule on a daily basis my skin cells were benefiting from another exclusive component in the formula a Stem Cell Activator called Rapidgen that was incorporated precisely to improve skin's elasticity and raise natural defenses against free radicals.

This picture taken in Miami before traveling to Colombia for Medellin's famous fashion week shows that the breakouts in the chin area are less noticeable and swollen and my skin looks much better even without makeup...lots of sunblock though before heading out to the beach!

Week 3:

I began my third ampoule in Medellin during Fashion Week...my skin had to look its best for all the pictures and shows. As I read more about the serum  I discovered that acne at a mature age can be triggered by hormonal causes but also by lack of hydration. As my skin began to feel softer, plump and moist the breakouts disappeared and the fine lines around the eye area were softened. Another great ingredient that does its job to transform the skin is a Bio-Mimetic Protector called Hydra Skin Complex.

It has been designed to create a protective barrier that holds moisture and blocks trans-dermal water loss, this water loss is what causes wrinkles and lack of radiance. My skin also felt tighter as all the ingredients began acting to contour and refine my complexion.

Look at my face in these pictures...brighter and healthier skin was my best accessory during fashion week.

Week 4:

erno lazslo week 4.jpg

By the fourth week and before completing my last ampule the most important achievement of the treatment is that the terrifying and aging toxin Progerin is suppressed...new skin is really born.

I was in Bogotá during these last seven days if treatment and had a photo shoot with my friend Jorge Londoño. This shot has not been retouched and I wanted to share it so you see the glow and healthy look of my face.

I am so HAPPY!

Challenges are worth taking when it comes to trusted brands and intelligent products that are design with the best technology to change your skin for the better!

To find out more about the Erno Lazslo Institute in New York and all it's amazing products like the  Transphuse Rapid Renewal Cell Protocol system please visit www.ernolaszlo.com

Follow @ernolaszlo on Instagram for updates on the best products and treatments!


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