Dramatic News

"Times change and only those who adjust to change have a chance to survive"

Our skin needs more care and wisdom from our end to stay young and healthy. I spend most of my time offering advice to thousands of men and women who seek help every  day to prevent premature aging, fine lines,  wrinkles and dark spots.

My constant and most valuable tip is: moisturize your skin daily!

Today I want to share the news of one of my favorite beauty products that just changed and improved its formula. It was the first major investment on my skin when I was 15 years old and made a little money after teaching aerobics during an entire summer: Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion.

When I heard about the new formula I called my friend and beauty expert Vivian Calvo who has been part of the brand for years. I was curious to know why it was decided if the product was as wonderful and effective as always.

"The cream has not changed but the world around us has" she told me. "Pollution, harmful UV rays and a weaker ozone layer affect the quality of our lives and so cause more and more skin problems" she noted.

Then she told me about Dr Norman Orentreich who created the original formula in 1968 and how Clinique still works with his son and daughter, David and Catherine, who followed their father's example and still treat patients from all over the world in the same office located on Fifth Ave in New York.   There has been a major shift in their patient's profiles: more allergies, redness, dryness, breakouts and dullness. A major alert for new measures.

The causes? Environmental issues but also our modern way of living. More stress, lack of sleep, processed foods.  All these elements combined weaken the skin barrier and... if you can't hold moisture you can't stop aging!

And so the task of accomplishing a formula for a product that would provide barrier strength and a more potent moisturizing power began six years ago. It took three formulating dermatologists, fifty three researchers, and one hundred trials to get it right. It was tried on 1.600 people in five different countries and  each time it achieved very high marks.

The new ingredients used  were Phytofix, a blend of sunflower seed cake, cucumber extract and barley extract to target the skin's barrier reparation. For extra hydration it contains Hyaluronic acid, Glycerin and Urea to help skin stay soft and moisturized. The cream absorbs quickly and I'm really glad it kept its delicate texture and iconic yellow color.

I was invited to the fabulous launch of the new DDML in New York city a couple of weeks ago.  Here are a few fun videos of all the guests and activities. It was a great event!

Congratulations Clinique for 45 successful years and for making millions of people happy with radiant skin. I'm one of those faithful fans and wouldn't change my yellow friend for anything in the world.

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