Bright and early morning routine with Youth Xtend

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Fall is one of my favorite seasons. I love the cool and crisp morning air and wake up early to work out before heading into town.
After I come back from the gym my skin care routine is quick and easy!

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1. I start in the shower cleansing my face with my two favorite tools: the Spa Sonic brush available in and a pea size amount of Advanced Creamy Foam Cleanser from Artistry. I love it because it contains oatmeal a natural exfoliant that is gentle on my skin.

2.After I towel dry and apply a good body moisturizer enriched with almond oil that I add for extra hydration, I concentrate on toning and preparing my face before makeup with a cotton pad soaked with Advanced Softening Toner from Artistry's Youth Xtend line. It is a mild and milky liquid with Japanese Lilyturf a botanical extract that allows skin to retain it's natural moisture.

3.Next comes a vital step that most women ignore: nurturing the skin with a good serum rich in natural ingredients. Artistry's Youth Xtend Serum Concentrate has a potent mix that includes Mediterranean Myrtle from which Lifesirt and ingredient that helps cells look younger and healthier is obtained, and  African Baobab extract taken from the famous African "Tree of Life" that protects cells from environmental damage.

4. The last step before makeup is of course moisturizing and protecting the skin from harmful UV rays.
The new Youth Xtend Line has a light Protecting Lotion that contains SPF 15 and I love using during Fall because my skin doesn't need a denser moisturizer yet. And for the eye area a real treat loved by many women who are amazed by the incredible rejuvenating results: the Enriching Eye Cream. In less than 12 weeks you see the difference!

Four steps every morning to younger and healthier skin!

Visit to find a sales representative best you and start enjoying these products.

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