Bye Bye "Manchas"

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"Manchas" is the word in Spanish to define uneven skin tone. Those dark spots provoked by the excess of melanine production, by years of sun damage, or acne scars that are stubborn to treat.

This is a major concern for Hispanic women and one I have been fighting against all my like! I have tried everything but this is a lifetime commitment and I am still looking for the best alternatives to win the fight.

This month as a beauty ambassador for Artistry I have the best news to share to you all! Artistry has just launched a new line of products to treat, prevent and fade dark spots: It is called IDEAL RADIANCE!

Artistry's team of scientists has developed this new formula infused with natural ingredients that have proven to decrease melanin production and can fade already existing spots, prevent new ones from forming and leave skin brighter and smooth.

I just got my sample of the first product from this line: SPOT CORRECTOR. It will be available this month of June and has been developed as a highly concentrated treatment that targets the most stubborn dark and age spots helping to diminish their appearance.

There are three key words that summarize what this new product is all about:

1.  Prevent:

SPOT CORRECTOR has a blend of brightening botanicals that restore the ski. Such as English daisies, European geraniums, Jasmine, Evening Primrose, Sophora Japonica and a high concentration of Pearl Protein.

2. Treat:

To fade actual actual spots two key ingredients have been incorporated Chia Seed and Pommegranate extract.


3. Protect:

To protect and moisturize the skin while fading spots there are three other powerful ingredients Licorice Extract, Acerola Cherry Ferment, and a lipid called Ceramide 3.


The best news is that once you start using SPOT CORRECTOR you notice in seven days a special radiance. It has been tested with several women and studies reveal that 70% of the women loved the results after only one week of using it.

After 12 weeks of applying it constantly 80% of the women that tried it showed a reduction in dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

If you want to try SPOT CORRECTOR from the Ideal Radiance collection you can visit for more information and to locate an Artistry distributor that can get you one as soon as possible.

The entire line will be available in September 2014 and I will soon give you all the details.

The fight against "Manchas" is not lost! With new allies to make the task easier a bright and beautiful complexion is only weeks away!

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