To celebrate the official first day of the season I had the honor to host a very exclusive Fashion and Beauty event in Miami.

It was a lovely “outdoor” garden party sponsored by the makers of ZYRTEC® during the annual Gilt Warehouse Sale held for special members of the press and influential bloggers.  

I had the opportunity to meet, greet and chat with media and colleagues who were eager to know my tips for combating ALLERGY FACE® since spring also marks the beginning of allergy season for many people.


(I have suffered from allergies since I was a little girl and I know better than to wait out my symptoms, so the first thing I do when I start experiencing them is take ZYRTEC®, which starts working at hour one and provides 24-hour relief, so I can feel better and focus on looking great too)

 Our guests were also able to embrace the latest fashion trends and consult with Chassie Post, Gilt Fashion & Lifestyle Editor who curated special spring looks displayed on mannequins, gave them ideas and inspiration before they enjoyed special advanced access to Gilt's Warehouse sale of amazing clothing, shoes and accessories.


The highlight of the event was a personalized makeup consultation. Each person had a chance to select one of four spring-inspired looks designed by celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg especially made to help women tackle all the beauty challenges that accompany typical allergy symptoms: Puffiness, Watery Eyes and Red Nose.

Upon their arrival I invited our media guests to the two ALLERGY FACE® Beauty Counters where a team of makeup artists helped them to select the makeup look they wanted to receive.


Here are the four looks to inspire YOU!

1. Spring Starlet: 

Inspired by actress and allergy sufferer, Debra Messing, this soft, spring look is perfect for an outdoor evening affair.

* Green primer will help conceal redness caused by allergies, and a waterproof mascara will stay put, even if you’re dealing with watery eyes caused by allergies. 

2. Spring Radiance: 

A simple and natural look perfect for those who want to conceal ALLERGY FACE® without a ton of makeup. Light pastels on the eyelids will help distract from watery eyes caused by allergies.

* TIP for Latinas: Darker complexions should opt for an iridescent berry pink on the eyes and a darker shade of pink on the lips, which will help detract from redness caused by allergies.


3. Sun-Kissed Chic: 

This look embraces hot spring colors and is great for those wanting to avoid allergy-related beauty challenges during an outdoor soiree. Full brows will help frame the face and move attention away from puffy areas and watery eyes caused by allergies. 

* TIP for Latinas: Darker complexions should select a warm/orange-toned bronzer and a lip color with warm undertones like yellow or peach. 

4. Gilted Glamour: 

A high-glam look made up of a gold smoky eye and bronzy cheeks, which helps to conceal ALLERGY FACE®. Full foundation coverage will help color-correct any uneven skin tones, and green- or yellow-tinted concealers will help cancel out redness caused by allergies.

Tip for Latinas:  Darker complexions should blend a reddish hue with the gold on their eyes and choose a gloss with a glitter.

It was wonderful to see all these beautiful women looking their best after having their makeup done! They were ready to shop the sale and come back to show me their purchases.


We took lots of selfies, had FUN and learnt many new tips and tricks for our #ALLERGYFACE




McNeil Consumer Healthcare, the makers of ZYRTEC®, has compensated me for my role in ZYRTEC® ALLERGY FACE®. As of January 2, 2015, content posted here is my own but subject to certain limitations in conjunction with the support of ZYRTEC®.

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