Luxury on your skin


One of the most important challenges of my career is to project a fresh, radiant and young image, especially when  I have an important show on TV.
In the last couple of weeks I have been taping in Bogotá, Colombia the second season of Colombia's Next Top Model where I am a judge.
It has been a wonderful experience and I could not be prouder of the beauty and talent of the contestants. Just wait for the show yo go live on January 2014 and you will see!

During the challenges and elimination rounds I chose my makeup and clothes with special attention. Alejandro Restrepo is my makeup artist and special advisor and he is always concerned about making me look glamorous and yet very natural. I love to bring him new products to try on my skin and one of our latest and best discovery has been Artistry's new Youth Xtend Lifting Smoothing Foundation.

youth xtend artistry detaconesymas.jpg

It was created with a formula that contains powerful ingredients to revitalize and tighten the skin, giving it a special glow. Lines and wrinkles are softened thanks to its revolutionary High Resolution Opctic Reflection Technology. The famous makeup artist Rick DiCecca and a team of experts worked together for years to develop this foundation and could not be prouder of the results.

It has a delicate and smooth texture and as soon as you apply it you feel the skin soften while absorbing components like Sodium Hyaluronate,  responsible for the rejuvenating and tightening effect that has 82% of the women that have tried it raving about the immediate results.

Another key point that has conquered me is that the formula contains a stong Sun Protection Factor SPF20 that protects the skin from harmful rays that come from thesun or even the potent studio and office lights. I spend long hours inside the recording studios at Caracol TV and can feel confident that my skinI will not be exposed to intense damage.

By trying and playing with hundreds of different foundations during my career I have learnt from the experts a few  tricks to learn to choose the right shade. It is a real challenge for many women but it all comes down to a shade that blends so well with your skin that it becomes almost imperceptible.

Artistry's new Youth Xtend Lifting Smoothing Foundation has a wide range of 20 shades created for all skin tones. My skin is olive based and that places me in the Medium range category. To find the best shade I tried three different options on my cheek  bone: Sand, Natural and Ochre.

Foundation should never be tried on your hands or wrists, skin in those areas does not have the same texture or coloring! Another important thing to keep in mind is to try the foundation with natural light and check that the right shade blend naturally into your skin and becomes unnoticeable. It must cover your skin with a delicate veil! Those shades that make you kook too pink, too grey or too yellow should be discarded at once.


In my case, the shade called Natural, worked perfectly on my skin and it has been the one we have been using with Alejandro for the past weeks while taping with perfect results that you can see in these pictures taken inside the studios but also in these shots at home while I'm doing my makeup on a relaxed day. My skin looks tight, with a perfect and uniform tone and a special glow.

Atistry's new Youth Xtend Lifting Smoothing Foundation is so delicate that sensitive skins  and even acne prone types may benefit from its daily use. It is non-comedogenic so pores won't be clogged and allergy tested. It is a trustworthy product with an excellent quality and performance.

If you are eager to try this new foundation that has just been launched and is now available visit the website to find the nearest sales repsentative from Artistry. It is important to receive special dvice from experts to help you find the shade that is just right for you!

It has an excellent price of $47.75 for such a fabuolous quality! this is what I call a beautiful, smart and luxurious option for your skin.
It has worked wonders on mine!

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